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​Ilia Darchiashvili hopes that Georgia's progress on the path to European integration reflected in the self-assessment questionnaire will be duly assessed by the partners

By handing over the second completed part of Georgia's self-assessment questionnaire to the EU Ambassador to Georgia, we have completed an important process, based on which the issue of granting a candidate status to Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova will be considered, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia will be decided, Ilia Darchiashvili is quoted as saying.  
According to him, the questionnaire sets forth the reforms, which have been, or will be implemented by Georgia on the way to European integration. The Minister expressed the hope that the progress reflected in the questionnaire will be duly appraised by the partners.
"As the Prime Minister said last week, Georgia will hand over the second completed part of the questionnaire to the European Union. With this, Georgia completes a very important phase of our self-assessment, which must become the basis for granting a candidate status to Georgia. It needs to be highlighted that the questionnaire fully reflects and incorporates all the reforms that our country has implemented over the past years. We do hope that the efforts of the Government of Georgia and all state agencies involved will lead us to tangible results on our  European integration path" - Ilia Darchiashvili said.